Moving to Western Montana, Moving to Idaho, Moving to Washington, Relocation Guides

When Choosing Your New Location:

• Read the local newspaper online for
a couple of months before moving.
• Contact local realtors and Chamber for
information on the area.
• Spend several weeks vacationing
in the area.
• You may want to consider renting for
a couple of months before making your final decision.

Before Moving Be Sure To:

• Fill out forwarding address at the post office.
• Change address for accounts and credit cards.
• Change newspapers and subscriptions to your home.
• Notify friends and relatives of address change.
• Notify auto, home, life and health insurance companies of new address.
• Set up checking account in new community.
Switch utility services to new home.
• Transfer bank funds and accounts.
• Collect valuables from safety deposit box.
• Register children in school.
• Double check all drawers, closets, shelves, etc to be sure they are empty when you leave.
• Gather important documents, currency and jewelry to transport with you.

At Your New Home Be Sure To:

• Renew your driver's license and auto registration
• Locate important services such as hospital, church, police stations, veterinarian, fire stations, dentist and doctors.